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Bulls For Sale
BrushCountryBullLogoThe Brush Country Bulls Group produces SimGenetic composite cattle to make it easy to maintain a significant level of heterosis, heat tolerance and uniform quality in both carcass and convenience traits. SimAngus™HT, SimAngus™, Simbrah and Simmental give choices to optimize calves from different herd bases. Adaptability, fertility and growth are keys to profits. The members of the Brush Country Bull Group are committed to providing high quality bulls and replacement heifers that combine these traits.

Bull development takes place in pens large enough to allow adequate space for the bulls to exercise. The bulls are continuously evaluated for performance and disposition. Rations are designed to achieve gain without sacrificing rumen health and foot soundness. The bulls are evaluated for growth and feed efficiency. Ultrasound is performed to measure IMF, BF and REA. All bulls pass a breeding soundness exam and are ready to work when offered for sale. Check back this fall for data on our yearling bulls that will be ready for sale.

Replacement Heifers For Sale
Bred and Open Replacement Heifers for sale by private treaty.