Females & Embryos

Simbrah Females

Simbrah Female - Filegonia Cattle Company
Group of Simbrah Females - Filegonia Cattle Company

Simbrah females are the foundation of our program. We produce most of our replacements so many of our females go back to the herd bulls and donor cows that we feature on this website. The majority are red 5/8 Simmental x 3/8 Brahman, considered purebred Simbrah, with a few half bloods and some 3/4 Simmental x 1/4 Brahman. The bulls we breed to this group of females include purebred Simbrah, Simmental and SimAngusHT.

Composite Simbrah Females

group of Composite Simbrah Females - Filegonia Cattle Company
Composite Simbrah Female - 5/8 Simmental 1/4 Brahman 1/8 Red Angus - Filegonia Cattle Company

Our composite Simbrah females, the majority being 5/8 Simmental x 1/4 Brahman x 1/8 Red Angus, are the result of the mating of Simbrah dams to red SimAngusHT sires. Our choice of SimAngus sires has produced a more uniform group of red females with increased carcass quality while maintaining the heat and insect tolerance that the Brahman influence from their dam contributes. The composite females can be bred in different ways to produce progeny that fit a specific marketing program or environment.

Brangus Females

Group of Brangus Females - Filegonia Cattle Company
Brangus Female - Filegonia Cattle Company

A new part of our breeding program includes the utilization of Brangus females bred to Simmental, SimAngus and Simbrah sires to produce black SimAngus HT bulls and replacement heifers for the commercial market.

Simbrah Embryos

We currently have many purebred Simbrah embryos available. Contact us for details and prices. No tests for export were completed.