Herd Sires & Semen

Filegonia cattle company is proud of our Simmental Influenced Herd Sires, and the genetics that they offer. We work hard to keep our herd at their very best, to offer our customers the outstanding offspring. Please let us know if you have any questions about out herd sires, or if we can help you at all.

RX Expectation C99
PB Simmental
ASA Number: 2976662 (View Pedigree)
Yearling fs: 5.5
Yearling SC: 37.5 cm

This young PB Simmental bull, purchased from Sally Buxkemper, will be used on our red Simbrah cattle. He has a shiny slick coat, tight sheath and a very calm disposition. His dam died when he was three months old so he raised himself in Sally’s pasture sneaking milk when he could. Consequently C99’s weaning weight wasn’t that high but he made up for it as a yearling with a ratio of 104 for YW. He in in the top 4% of Simmental for IMF with a ratio of 107 for BF and a whopping 14.29 REA for a 113 ratio. His first calves started arriving this spring and they are exceptional.

ZZ Mr Fire Z340
3/4 Simmental 1/4 Brahman
ASA Number: 2693622 (View Pedigree)
Yearling fs: 6
Yearling SC: 34 cm
Non-Css Semen: $30/straw limited amount available

Z340 was consigned to the second Brush Country Bulls sale in December 2013. We were so impressed with the bull that we collected him prior to the sale and will have a few of his calves this fall. He sold to Brandon Cooper from Yoakum, Texas who placed one of the high bid in the sale that day. When tested with his contemporaries, he indexed 105 for WW, 109 for YW, 110 for IMF, 118 for REA. His EPDs are balanced with very good growth and carcass potential. As is the case with most of his sires calves, he is in the top 1% for docility.

CDI Black Diamond 194Y
Purebred Simmental
ASA Number: 26411399 (View Pedigree)
Yearling SC: 42 cm

Black Diamond is homozygous polled and homozygous black with a straight hair coat that slicks off in the summer. This young bull will be used on our Brangus to produce SimAngusHT as well as our Simbrah to produce 3/4 Simmental x 1/4 Brahman offspring. He is a Shear Force son and out of a TNT cow that is described as “a tank of a cow with perfect feet and udder”.

RX Londons Fire W90
Purebred Simmental
ASA Number: 2498236 (View Pedigree)
Yearling fs: 5.2
Yearling SC: 39 cm
CSS Semen (Including Australia): $25/straw
Non-CSS Semen: $20/straw

Fire is a slick coated, homogygous polled, non-dilute red Simmental bull with added heat tolerance from Simbrah in his pedigree.  He collected well when he was a yearling, bred cows that same season and held up well despite the Texas heat. Fire has proven to be a very good all around red Simmental bull to add depth of body, muscle, bone, polled, solid coat color, slick hair, early maturity and good dispositions to his calves.  He was bred and is currently owned in partnership with Sally Buxkemper, RX Simbrah.

ZZ Polled Advantage P543
Purebred Simbrah
ASA Number: 2247205 (View Pedigree)
Yearling fs: 7.2
Yearling SC: 36 cm
Css Semen: $20/straw with quantity discounts

Polled Advantage is smooth polled, solid red with a very gentle disposition, clean underline and lots of muscle.  His dam is a Texas Red daughter out of Dorado’s dam.   He indexed 106.41 in his age group in the RGVBIA bull test.

ZZ Maximus M541
Purebred Simbrah
ASA Number: 2186892 (View Pedigree)
Yearling fs: 5.1
Yearling SC: 35 cm
Non-Css Semen: $20/straw with quantity discounts

Maximum, a Texas Red son, indexed 105.18 in his age group in the RGVBIA bull test.  He produces very attractive calves with good color, black hide, very clean underlines, moderate frames and good teat and udder quality on his females.

ZZ Navigator L348
Purebred Simbrah
ASA Number: 2147182 (View Pedigree)
Yearling fs: 7.2
Yearling SC: 41 cm
Css Semen: $20/straw with quantity discounts

Navigator was the first calf for his Bech sired dam and had the highest weaning weight of any calf we’ve produced.  He adds capacity, bone, length, good feet and legs, muscle and a good disposition to his calves.  He possesses one copy of the rare calpain gene that contributes to tenderness in Brahman cross calves and his progeny produce well marbled and very tender carcasses.  Navigator was the high indexing bull in his age division in the RGVBIA bull test.

ZZ Dorado K283
Purebred Simbrah
ASA Number: 2098678 (View Pedigree)
Yearling fs: 5.0
Yearling SC: 35 cm
Css Semen: $20/straw with quantity discounts

Dorado, a solid red Becherovka son, is polled/scurred, moderate framed, very long bodies with a clean underline.  His calves are small but grow well.  His females have excellent teat and udder quality and his bulls are early maturing and clean sheathed.  He indexed 106.3 in his age group in the Rio Grande Valley Beef Improvement Bull Test.

Bonina Futuristic 6309F
Purebred Simbrah
ASA Number: 1885934 (View Pedigree)
Yearling fs: 7.0
Yearling SC: 42 cm
Css Semen: $20/straw with quantity discounts

Futuristic is homozygous polled and adds muscle, a clean underline and transfers excellent teat and udder quality to his females. His calves are gentle, are born moderate sized and grow well.

RX Becherovka D422
Purebred Simbrah
ASA Number: 1763529 (View Pedigree)
Yearling fs: 7.08
Yearling SC: 37 cm
Semen: Limited supply $100/straw

Becherovka was purchased from Sally Buxkemper, RX Simbrah when he was 12 months old, semen tested well and bred 20 cows in two months in the south Texas heat. He adds muscle, capacity, bone and carcass quality. His progeny have gentle dispositions, his daughters milk well and his calves are born medium sized, grow well and mature early. Teat and udder quality on his females is very good. He was tested by ASA in the Carcass Merit Program where his progeny showed good carcass quality and tenderness.